We regret to announce that Kibea Restaurant will close for an indefinite period of time.
We present this unwelcome piece of news with the intention to reopen when the economic conditions get better.
It is the deepening crisis that pushed us to that extreme move. Indeed, we prefer to preserve the concept rather than make a compromise over the quality of the food, or betray the principles of healthy cooking. It is our desire that Kibea Restaurant will invariably mean healthy food of supreme quality, and elegant connoisseur meals.
If you would allow me to remind you, we use only top-quality fresh products, the technology of their processing is always sparing, and we seek to increase the share of organically grown foods to the extent that they are present on the Bulgarian market.
We are reputed of using exclusively natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, molasses, fructose, and honey, flavours such as vanilla pods, cinnamon, lime and lemongrass. In Kibea Restaurant, you can feel the difference between the ordinary gelatin of animal origin and agar-agar, a plant-based gelling agent; you can appreciate the advantages of natural colorants and spices such as saffron and curcuma that some dishes simply can’t do without.
It is a challenge to design healthy desserts, and we are therefore proud with the original, vegan recipes of Chef Docho Shipkov. In addition to that, we offer home-baked wholemeal bread made after an original recipe.
Our menu is balanced and dynamic, and it is our ambition to offer our customers top-quality, seasonal, and delicious food.
The natural character of our food is in harmony with the restaurant's simple interior by designer Boris Boev, all based on natural materials: wood, marble, raw silk and linen.
Perfectly trained, kind and responsive to each customer, our staff make the restaurant the perfect place for both business meetings and romantic dates.

I wished to recall a few of the outstanding qualities of the interior and the cuisine of Kibea Restaurant in the hope that we will welcome you again soon. I wish you HEALTH and LUCK in all your endeavors.

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Kind regards, and with Faith to see you again soon,
Maryanah Zlatareva
General manager