Hans Wissema

Hans Wissema

The Dutchman Hans Wissema is a consultant in management, mentor and Emeritus Professor in technology and entrepreneurship. He has lived for about 30 years in Bulgaria.

His entire life was dedicated to helping managers, students and random people he came across in solving problems related to their work or private life.

Wissema is author of 16 professional books in the field of management and organization, technology and entrepreneurship, the future of universities and learning. Many if his books have seen many re-prints and have been translated in several languages.

With love and perseverance Wissema dedicates time and energy to anyone who would like to get in touch with his wisdom. His book Siberian lessons, published in Bulgarian by Kibea in 2013, won the reader with its sincerity, depth and integrity inherent only of true wise men.

Hans is professionally and personally connected to Bulgaria since about 1990. His training courses for students and managers in different universities have been highly appreciated. Two of his professional books have been translated in Bulgarian and have made their way to implementation of Wissema’s advice. Being happily married to a Bulgarian made him even closer to the country.

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