Nazip Khamitov

Nazip Khamitov

Nazip Khamitov is a philosopher, writer, psychoanalyst, a Doctor of Philosophy, Professor. Correspondent member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Honorary foreign member of the Union of Independent Bulgarian Writers. He published his works under the aliases Nez Swetly and Jan Nez. Creator of the philosophical art direction, founder and President of the Association of Philosophical Art, Ukraine (

He is renowned in Ukraine and abroad for his work in meta-anthropology – a theory of the mental and spiritual growth of a person, as well as in androgyny-analysis, a new direction in the field of psychoanalysis exploring the inner loneliness in the relations between men and women and how
to overcome it. Honourable President of the International Association of Philosophical Psychoanalysis and Androgynous Analysis. Creator of the aphorism-therapy as a means to heal from psychological trauma and complexes with the help of aphorisms.

Author of more than 20 books, published in several European languages. His most famous works include: "The loneliness of male and female", "Liberation from loneliness", "The mystery of male and female nature", "Aphorisms of power", "Aphorisms of freedom", "Philosophy: The Existence",
"The Human", "The World", "Philosophical Anthropology: current problems".

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